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Awarded Wiley’s Everything DiSC Ruby Award in 2022, On the Up®, LLC has been recognized for our important achievement and commitment to building a better workplace. Let us teach your people about the power of DiSC – and keep it alive – to create a culture shift that sticks.

build a better workplace, STEP BY STEP

With the Everything DiSC® assessment and facilitated workshop, your team will be introduced to a common language and proven framework to build trust, reduce tension, and increase collaboration. Subsequent sessions keep lessons alive to bring even more impact to your team. Improve your culture further using our facilitators, or your own facilitator(s), trained to lead and integrate DiSC organization-wide. We’ll guide you to choose the right starting point for your company.

1. Learn the Fundamentals of DiSC®

This is the introductory course for all people taking the Everything DiSC® assessment.

Improve each person’s ability to understand themselves and bring out the best in others by equipping your team to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation – and respond accordingly. In this workshop, participants learn about their own workplace behavior style preferences and those of others.

$4200 half day workshop + $81 per participant

Up to 24 participants per workshop

2. Practice DiSC in everyday situations

Keep DiSC alive to reinforce a common language, reduce burnout, and increase collaboration.

Prepare your designated owner(s) to keep DiSC alive beyond the classroom through a variety of leader-led development activities. Learn how to give leaders across the organization the tools necessary to serve as powerful roles models that reinforce DiSC-based strategies to become more effective at work in everyday situations.

$4700 half day workshop

Up to 12 participants per workshop

3. Bring DiSC in-house by certifying trainers

After successful completion of the DiSC Fundamentals Workshop, participants complete a 2-day DiSC Train-the-Trainer event to receive their certification credential.

When you are ready to take DiSC organization-wide, leverage the value of bringing facilitation in-house. Your facilitator(s) learn the content expertise to deliver powerful Everything DiSC sessions and promote a DiSC-based culture.

$4200 per participant, 2-day workshop

Up to 12 participants per workshop

4. Integrate DiSC across the enterprise

Our Up to You™ program will equip you to establish an environment that develops trust, inclusion, and connection.

From new employee orientation, to management training and leadership development programs, to workforce planning – learn the knowledge and master the tools to launch an enterprise-wide culture shift that sticks.

$14,700 per participant

Minimum of 4 participants per program

Ready to power up your people?

Client Testimonials

The speed of business is dependent on the speed of trust. DiSC equips your people to quickly understand themselves, understand differences with others, and flex their approach to build that trust. For anyone interested in building this capacity within their organization, I highly commend Erin Fajen – she is fantastic at what she does and awesome to work with.


Executive Coach, Rooftop Coaching

On the Up’s collaboration with the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Leading Physician Wellbeing program has been an important catalyst for us. The Everything DiSC training program has unlocked new insights for our Scholars and accelerated their leadership growth. The personal and inter-personal insights they have gained are creating new avenues for their future success – success that will trickle down to their healthcare teams and patients.


Leading Physician Well-being Program, AAFP

Functional & fulfilling are two uncommon words people use to describe their work environment, but Erin Fajen has found a way to bring both to organizations. I’ve collaborated with Erin professionally and been privileged to witness her brilliance personally as she tackled major obstacles with steady confidence, almost ease, by implementing the same strategies shared in her programs. I couldn’t be more proud and certain to endorse her both as a professional and as a stellar human.


Director of Sales, Growth Marketing & Development, SETWorks


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