Personal insight is the first step toward leading your company to greatness.

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Executive Coaching Program


We guide a cohort of managers and leaders through a structured, six-month program. Participants begin with an assessment powered by Everything DiSC, followed by developing a professional growth plan to build skills and reduce noise.  

Effective Managers

Insightful Leaders

Coaching Process

DiSC Assessment

All participants begin with an assessment, which will highlight their strengths and opportunities for growth as managers or leaders.

Discovery Session

During this 2-hour session, individuals learn about their assessment results and determine their key focus areas. 

    Professional Growth Plan

    On the Up builds a unique coaching plan for each participant, including 3 SMART goals for development.

      Monthly Coaching

      The participant unpacks wins and challenges. We listen  and provide perspective to help participants develop leadership competencies and avoid derailment.

        Post Self-Assessment

        At the end of six months, each participant completes a self-assessment and builds plans for ongoing success. 

        “The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges.”
        Martin Luther King Jr.
        6-month program

        Coaching for Effective Managers

        Program Summary

        Managers have direct influence on the company’s most important asset – its people. Effective managers build high-performing teams so that high-performing associates can deliver results for your clients. This personalized coaching program develops the necessary skills to help deliver on the expectations of effective management. Management development coaching engagements can include the following:

        • Personalized Everything DiSC Management® Profile to help you learn how your management style influences your approach to decision-making, time management, and problem solving.
        • Creating clarity: Great managers connect the work of the company to the values of the team and the individual, and set goals accordingly.
        • Planning the work: Set expectations with your team, create a clear and actionable plan, and monitor results along the way.
        • Developing the team: Effective managers intentionally develop the talent on their teams, create a motivating work environment, and celebrate success.
        • Managing day-to-day: Holding effective 1:1s, delivering meaningful feedback, and managing performance issues help managers get results.

        6-month program

        Coaching for Insightful Leaders

        Program Summary

        We believe understanding yourself is the first step to becoming more effective at leading others. Together, we will design a program that guides you to reflect on your use of a broad range of leadership approaches. You’ll receive constructive 360-degree feedback and discover three personalized strategies to help you become a stronger leader. Your executive coaching engagement includes:

        • Multi-rater feedback and self-assessment powered by Everything DiSC.
        • Personalized 363® for Leaders Profile to help you identify which aspects of eight core leadership approaches are your strengths.
        • Professional growth plan including three strategies for becoming a more effective leader.
        • 1:1 coaching focused on helping you maximize your abilities to become a more insightful leader.

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