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Human interaction is the key force in overcoming resistance and speeding change.

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Change Management

We bring Fortune 500 experience and proven consulting models to your change initiative. To successfully change the critical behaviors, we leverage behavioral science to maximize results. We analyze your greatest vulnerabilities and recommend strategies to mitigate risks. We build an actionable plan and develop evaluation strategies to help you get what you really want – lasting behavior change.

Our Process

Define Goals

Determine the actual goals – the exact behaviors you want to change that would otherwise stop the transition from occurring.

    Diagnose Risks

    Identify the critical areas that are most vulnerable, resistant to change, and require mitigation strategies and continuous monitoring.

    Develop Approach

    Create solutions for each risk area, leveraging behavioral science to maximize results.

      Build Plan

      Establish a detailed and actionable plan for a successful rollout including a project timeline, roles, responsibilities, and communication plan.

        Evaluate Results

        Establish metrics to monitor your success. Develop strategies to implement real-time feedback for continuous improvement.

        Influencer Model by VitalSmarts®

        Creating Change that Sticks

        Our Approach

        We believe that people’s behaviors are at the heart of a successful change. Therefore, we seek to understand exactly what is causing or will cause an initiative to fail. In our consulting, we use the Influencer Model by VitalSmarts, which was named The Change Management Approach of the Year by MIT Sloan Management Review. 

        This approach incorporates over 50 years of social science research on changing ingrained behaviors. As master facilitators of the Influencer model, we get to the root cause and provide key strategies for breaking through resistance to change. This ensures that you spend time and resources on the right remedies for lasting change.

        Ready to lift up your culture? 

        Professional Learning Frameworks

        The focus of our frameworks is to align learning strategies with the unique needs of professional adults. Combining formal learning experiences with real-world development opportunities, we support the life cycle of an associate through onboarding, role development, specialty certifications, continuing education, and career development.

        OUR Learning FRAMEWORKS
        Leader Development Framework

        We believe understanding yourself is the first step to becoming more effective at leading others. Our leadership framework focuses on three critical areas:

        • Lead yourself: We believe that the most effective leaders start by leading themselves through the active pursuit of self-discovery, feedback, and reflection.
        • Lead your team: Strong leaders focus on improving their ability to direct, delegate, motivate, and develop others more successfully so that high-performing teams can deliver results for your clients.
        • Lead your organization: Establishing a clear vision, building alignment, and championing execution helps leaders get real results.

        Manager Development Framework

        Managers have direct influence on the company’s most important asset – its people. Effective managers build high-performing teams so that high-performing associates can deliver results for your clients.

        • Creating clarity: Great managers connect the work of the company to the values of the team and the individual, and set goals accordingly.
        • Planning the work: Set expectations with your team, create a clear and actionable plan, and monitor results along the way.
        • Developing the team: Effective managers intentionally develop the talent on their teams, create a motivating work environment, and celebrate success.
        • Managing day-to-day: Holding effective 1:1s, delivering meaningful feedback, and managing performance issues help managers get results.

        Associate Development Framework

        This framework not only focuses on the key skills necessary for today’s job, but the groundwork of personal insights, skills, and behaviors needed for their next role. We create a rich environment of support, based on the critical factors for success at your company. 

        • Onboarding: Establish a strategy to help associates assimilate into the job, company, and culture.
        • Training: Create a comprehensive plan to support associates as they learn technical and power skills required to successfully meet expectations.
        • Development: Outline activities that help associates stay up-to-date and prepare for future levels of responsibility.

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