Resources on Organizational Dynamics


Keep Your People: How to Navigate The Great Resignation

This ebook is based on a survey of 4,500 working professionals conducted in July 2021. Because of the pandemic, almost half (48%) are working from home. This report examines the top five policies correlated to lowering work-place stress and help motivate people to stay.



Closing the Virtual Teamwork Skills Gap

This ebook helps uncover the challenges faced by virtual teams and the way they work together. It outlines three strategies for developing an effective virtual team culture to guide organizations as they assess what they are doing to build a culture of effective teamwork.


Tackling the Virtual Culture Dilemma: Help Your People Work Better Together While Officing Apart

This ebook explores the shift in office culture as the pandemic forced more people into a remote workforce. It reveals three critical components to address this shift, along with actionable strategies to shape an engaged, collaborative, and adaptive culture.


Agility Unlocked: Revealing the Connection Between Agility and Emotional Intelligence

This ebook explores the connection between agility and emotional intelligence, the perceived impact it has on individual and organizational performance, and a proven methodology for development at scale: Everything DiSC® Agile EQ. 


The Invisible Drain on Your Company’s Culture

This ebook explores how to counter-act insecurity, the major deterent to a strong, healthy culture. It shows how organizations can reliably create experiences that bolster trust and a more mutually supportive culture.


Under the Hood: The Secret Engine That Drives Destructive Conflict

This ebook explores the unconscious, momentary rewards we get from distructive behaviors that prevent us from being our best. Then, it helps us understand when and why we are engaging in these behaviors and how to reframe them. This leads to productive conflict, a driving force behind innovation.


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