Connect with your audience

6 hours

Presentation (Connection) Workshop

In this workshop, professional speaker Mary Messner and master facilitator Erin Fajen team up for a full day of demonstration, knowledge-sharing, and facilitated practice to help you improve the flow of your presentations and communicate your ideas effectively.


This session is designed to equip leaders as they design, build, and deliver impactful in-person presentations to create connection with audiences of all sizes. A combination of demonstration, knowledge sharing, and facilitated practice brings the learning to life in a safe and supportive environment. As a result, participants will improve the flow of their presentations and communicate their ideas more effectively – all while projecting expertise, confidence, and professionalism.

Key concepts
  • Master Your Stories to Develop a Power Opening
  • Utilize Presentation Techniques that Engage, Inspire and Connect
  • Clarify Your Message to Create Concise and Compelling Content
  • Display Confidence to Command the Room
  • Design Slides for Impact



  • Knowledge: Participants will further develop their knowledge of presentation
    skills through interactive learning experiences.
  • Application: This learning event is based on the principle of learn by doing: a
    performance-based approach that enables participants to utilize their knowledge
    in real-world scenarios.
  • Evaluation: Throughout the experience, participants will give and receive real-time coaching by leveraging an evaluation rubric, ensuring the feedback is
    focused and constructive.
Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for individuals with a responsibility for delivering effective presentations that result in a strong connection with an internal or external audience.

Schedule a workshop for your team
  • This workshop is most often scheduled as a full day with a recommended duration of 6 hours of focused learning.
  • Your investment assumes a minimum of 12 participants. As the group size increases beyond 20 participants, tiered pricing is available. A discovery call will provide clarity on pricing. 
  • A group size of 12-20 is ideal. As the group size increases, additional presentation coaches are required to ensure a quality learning experience. 
  • Scheduling is easy. Simply email erin@ontheupkc.com to compare calendars.
Attend our next open enrollment session

Occasionally, we partner with select organizations to offer an open enrollment workshop. This is a great option for small teams or individuals who wish to attend independently at an affordable rate.

While we do not currently have our next open enrollment workshop is scheduled, email erin@ontheupkc.com to get on the waiting list.

Connect with Erin

Erin Fajen has spoken everywhere from Hallmark Corporation to Florida State University to MRIGlobal Technological and Scientific Research Institute. She speaks on self-discovery, leadership, emotional intelligence, professional reinvention, and networking.

Potential Topics

Cultivating Authentic Leadership

Being a leader today means wearing a lot of hats. In this talk, Erin Fajen delves into the heart of authentic leadership, challenging you to explore how to:

  • Recognize your unique strengths, values, and experiences.
  • Embrace the qualities that contribute to your distinct perspective and potential.
  • Foster an environment of continuous learning and growth.

Onward & Upward: Leveraging Failure for Growth

Failure is not an end, but rather a pivotal juncture on the path to success. Erin Fajen shares her leadership story, including inspiring stories and actionable insights on:

  • The three defining moments in her career that inspired her to make significant shifts.
  • How she leveraged failure to reshape her career and her life.
  • How to navigate setbacks with resilience and transform them into stepping stones toward higher achievements.

    The Three Keys to Power Up Your Connections

    Whether you are leading a strategic initiative, managing complex projects, or preparing for future levels of responsibility – engaging with a strong network of meaningful connections will surround you with the support you need to navigate whatever comes next. Erin Fajen will share concrete strategies to help you:

    • Network with intention.
    • Give generously.
    • Ask for what you need.

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