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Our core programs allow you to start with the fundamentals and then expand to your whole enterprise. Whatever your goals, we’re here to help you integrate Everything DiSC® effectively.

Learn the Fundamentals of DiSC

3.5 Hours

Fundamentals with Everything DiSC on Catalyst™


What: 2 modules – Virtual or In-Person, online pre-work, and tools

Who: Up to 24 participants 

Assessment: Everything DiSC Workplace® Assessment by Wiley

Tools & Reports: Catalyst platform, Everything DiSC® Workplace Profiles, Everything DiSC® Comparison Report, Everything DiSC® Team View, Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report (optional)


During this 3.5 hour workshop, participants learn about their own behavior style preferences and those of others. This is the introductory course for all people taking the Everything DiSC assessment. 

After learning about themselves and their colleagues’ style preferences, participants practice how to adapt and better communicate with different styles. Ultimately, participants have the tools to build more effective relationships with each other.

This experience includes facilitated classroom training (virtual or in-person) with online pre-work and follow-up tools. The Catalyst platform provides one place for easy reference, online assessments, team profiles, reports, learning tools, and activities.

Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment (20-min online)

The DiSC model is a simple, yet powerful model that describes four key behavioral styles: D (Dominance), i (influence), S (Steadiness), and C (Conscientiousness).

Module 1: Your DiSC Style 

Participants walk through the framework of the DiSC model and review the Everything DiSC map. They learn about their DiSC styles, then discover and discuss personalized insights.

Module 2: Your Colleagues 

Participants learn about one another on the Catalyst platform. Working in pairs, participants look each other up on the “Your Colleagues” page. They discuss the impact of their DiSC style results on their relationships and find new ways to work together.

Module 3: What Drives You 

Participants discover their workplace priorities, as well as their motivators and stressors. They see how they compare to people with other styles and consider ways to be more effective at work.

Module 4: You and Other Styles 

Participants identify a coworker they would like to understand better so that they can work more effectively with them. They learn about that person’s style on the Catalyst platform, discover new insights, and share with the group.

Module 5: Build Better Relationships 

Participants learn how others have bridged their differences using DiSC. To practice building more effective relationships at work, they review tips for working with one colleague based on their DiSC style, and then discuss ways to improve relationships with people of all styles.

On the Up is an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC® programs, bringing you high-quality assessments and training.

Bring DiSC in-house

2 weeks

Become an Everything DiSC® Certified Practitioner

Working with the extended team at Wiley, we provide certification for your in-house facilitators. As an Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner, you’ll build the credibility and expertise needed to deliver impactful DiSC experiences that help people work better together. 


The Everything DiSC Certification course is a two-week immersive experience that includes five self-directed learning modules and four virtual, instructor-led sessions. This blended approach immerses participants in an active learning process that ensures immediate, real-world application.

Key Outcomes
This program will prepare you to:
  • Deepen your understanding of the DiSC model, theory, research, and key concepts.
  • Gain competence and confidence in facilitating the Everything DiSC on Catalyst program
  • Learn to build custom solutions using Everything DiSC on Catalyst to meet the unique needs of various teams
  • Practice facilitation techniques while receiving feedback in a safe environment.
  • Gain access to Wiley’s online training center, connecting you to course content and a community of DiSC practitioners.
  • Navigate the challenges and questions that arise during facilitated DiSC learning experiences.
  • Attend a live, online bonus session where you can dive deeper into the DiSC model, explore applications, strategize on implementation, and explore DiSC-savvy strategies to promote a kinder, more effective organizational culture.

The course uses a blended-learning approach spanning two weeks, involving: 

  • Self-directed online learning: Modularized, engaging activities that allow participants to absorb the content at their own pace; online activities must be completed before their corresponding live virtual-classroom session.  
  • Live virtual‐classroom sessions: 3 instructor-led webinars (90 min each) that apply online learning via small and large-group activities with peers.  
  • Project team plan: Ongoing assignment that promotes application of the learning to a real or potential workshop. Learners will present their plans for this in the third live session.

After successful completion of the training, participants complete the Everything DiSC Certification exam and online evaluation to receive the credential of Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner.

Your investment includes
  • Over 20 hours of individual and facilitated online learningprovided by Wiley – $2,495 value
  • One Everything DiSC Facilitator Kit* with facilitator guides, slides, videos, activities, and handouts to support both classroom and virtual delivery – $1,495 value
  • A downloadable Facilitation Kit for Everything DiSC on Catalyst – $1,495 value
  • An EPIC Administration Account for your organization** – $243 value
  • Personalized Everything DiSC Assessment and Profile to learn about your own workplace behavior style preferences and those of others including Workplace, Management, and Agile EQ – $244 value
  • 2 hour bonus session hosted by Erin Fajen, Master Facilitator and Everything DiSC Authorized Partner – $600 value

*Choose from a downloadable Everything DiSC Workplace, Everything DiSC Management, or Everything DiSC Agile EQ. If you already own a kit, please contact erin@ontheupkc.com for a pricing adjustment.

**Offered as needed. If your organization already has an EPIC account, there is no sense in setting up another one!


Program Details

Upcoming Certification Dates – It is important to note that cohort availability is limited, and registration confirmation is subject to verification and payment receipt. We strongly advise acting quickly, as sessions tend to fill up rapidly.

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Integrate DiSC across the enterprise

2 days

Up to You™ Program

Equip learning and development professionals to initiate educational programming that is foundational to developing organizational trust, inclusion, and connection.


You know the power of the Everything DiSC® experience. Now, you can bring that power in-house. With the Up to You program, you get a detailed plan to take DiSC’s impact to every corner of your company. And from day one, you have ongoing support from On the Up’s founder Erin Fajen, as well as the encouragement of peers who share your mission to create a better workplace culture – that sticks.


Key Outcomes

Up to You™ equips you to bring the power of DiSC to your organization with everything you need – the knowledge, tools, and support – to launch an enterprise-wide culture shift that sticks. You will:

  • Learn the knowledge and master the tools to bring facilitation in-house, saving the thousands of dollars your company previously paid for a limited number of outside resources.
  • Launch your first Everything DiSC Workplace facilitated workshop with the common language and framework proven to build a better workplace.
  • Access full support from On the Up® in monthly community coaching calls, guiding you to integrate the culture-building power of DiSC throughout your organization.
  • Join a community of others sharing your commitment to a better workplace.

Initiate a culture shift with DiSC

The basis of an emotionally-intelligent culture is a DiSC mindset – one where each individual can read and respond to the emotional and interpersonal needs of others.

From new employee orientation, to management training and leadership development programs, to workforce planning – you will get a detailed plan to take DiSC’s impact to every corner of your company.

The Up to You program will give you the knowledge and tools to launch a DiSC-savvy culture shift enterprise-wide. 


The program spans two days, involving: 

  • Two-day event: In-person event, hosted by Erin Fajen, Master Facilitator and Everything DiSC Authorized Partner.
  • Technical expertise: Facilitator kit, tools, and technical support to internally launch and facilitate an enterprise-wide DiSC rollout.
  • Launch action plan: Everything you need to host your first DiSC session immediately.
  • Ongoing support: Ongoing monthly coaching calls with fellow master facilitators sharing best practices.
  • Lifetime access: Online learning platform for easy reference, comparison reports, videos, podcasts, and more.
Who should attend?

This program is designed for the person or team who is passionate about developing an organizational culture built on trust, inclusion, and connection through educational programming. Typical attendees are members of the Learning & Development team or executive leadership. However, a DiSC-based culture can be launched by any associate in the organization.

How do I know if my organization is ready for this program?

You have been charged with initiating a cultural shift and need a practical plan or ready program. Whether the conversation starter is diversity and inclusion, work-from-home adaptations, quiet quitting, or other cry for cultural change, you’ve experienced the power of DiSC and know a culture built on its foundation will empower your workforce to engage, collaborate, and adapt.

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Everything you need, all in one place

Why Choose Us

Authorized Provider and Ruby Award Winner of Everything DiSC by Wiley Publishing

Awarded Wiley’s Everything DiSC Ruby Award in 2022, On the Up®, LLC has been recognized for our important achievement and commitment to building a better workplace

As an authorized provider, On the Up®, LLC brings the power of assessment-based learning experiences to every engagement. We deepen self-awareness, inspire appreciation of others, and foster effective collaboration in the workplace. 

Everything DiSC is the premier adaptive behavioral style assessment used by over 45 million people globally. Unlike other DiSC assessments, Everything DiSC is the original DiSC developer with over 40 years of expertise. We offer a proven, scientifically validated assessment with a 90%+ accuracy rating from learners worldwide.

Learners respond to behavioral statements on a five-point scale to measure their preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC model—a simple, yet powerful model that describes four basic behavioral styles: D (Dominance), i (influence), S (Steadiness), and C (Conscientiousness).

The results of the assessment are translated into a proven solution that actively develops those hard-to-learn social and emotional skills—all through the lens of each learner’s unique DiSC style.

Years Of Research

People globally

Learning Experiences based on Personal Behavior Styles

All of our learning experiences start with Everything DiSC assessments. This allows your people to gain insight about themselves and become more effective teammates.


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